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The Good Heart Group creates opportunities for volunteers to share uplifting experiences, with individuals and groups with special health needs, particularly through art, entertainment and learning.

The Good Heart Group works with other not-for-profit groups, theatres, nursing homes, schools, hospitals, clinics, civil centers and the public-at-large, to help as many people as possible by creating and facilitating programs that promote the mission of our organization.

The Good Heart Group proudly works and maintains an extensive and ever-growing network of volunteers and friends who help carry out the mission of our organization. No matter your craft, we would love to add you to our network of volunteers! Whether you are a belly dancer, painter, actor, musician, history lecturer, knitting specialist, poet, professor, etc, etc, etc, we would love to tell you more about how you can help! Please contact us at

As a volunteer you can expect to participate in a holiday party at a nursing home, run a workshop, teach a class, sing or dance, etc, etc, etc – and will help another person heal through your acts of kindness.





Older Adults

The Good Heart Group plans social events (e.g. concerts) and organizes workshops that help to improve older adults’ self-sufficiency (e.g., computer training; english speaking workshops; computer training)



The Good Heart Group coordinates projects (e.g. art lessons) at hospitals, clinics and other facilities



The Good Heart Group sets up social events and organizes visitation programs


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