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Our Story

The concept of The Good Heart Group was developed in early 2009 by Vlad Frants, J.D., and Anna Lyubchik, an aspiring medical doctor. In mid-2009 Michael Pechersky, CFA and Senior Portfolio Manager at Westrock Asset Management, joined the Board of the Directors. The Good Heart Group was incorporated in New York in September of 2009.

Vlad, Anna and Michael have an extensive history of commitment to public service and volunteering. Over the years The Good Heart Group’s founders independently spearheaded and participated in dozens of volunteer projects, both in their communities and at their respective educational and work institutions.

Dedicated to helping others and equipped with significant leadership experience, Vlad, Anna and Michael founded an organization which would continue to bring people together and serve to make a positive impact in our communities.

Through its founders and friends The Good Heart Group has developed excellent relationships with various nursing homes, senior citizen centers and hospitals, among other organizations. The Good Heart Group also has access to an extensive network of dedicated volunteers.

The Good Heart Group was founded with the firm belief that community service is a life-long commitment and, while the organization itself is relatively young, it is one with strong dedicated leadership, a clear mission and a realizable vision.


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